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Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney in Rogue-Valley

Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney in Rogue-Valley

If you’re looking to file for bankruptcy in Rogue-Valley OlsenDaines can help. We’ve been serving the Rogue-Valley community for more than 40 years. Our highly-experienced bankruptcy attorneys will evaluate your financial situation and recommend you with the best solution that fits your goals. We give all of our clients honest, caring, and candid advice. And if you or someone you know has suffered a serious accident and is overwhelmed, our personal injury attorneys will fight for you in court to get you the compensation you deserve. We know personal injury cases and we know how stressful it is to deal with stubborn insurance companies that make the process difficult. In a time when you should be focusing on your recovery, this is the last thing you need. We’ll help you navigate this process. We’ve helped thousands of clients in personal injury matters ranging from $5,000 recoveries to $5,000,000 recoveries. So you can rest assured, you’re in good hands. Our fees are affordable and our initial consultations are free of charge. We also provide evening and weekend appoints in addition to emergency same-day filings. So contact us today to get a fresh new start!

Providing Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney Services in Rogue-Valley

Why Choose OlsenDaines?

With over 40 years of experience in bankruptcy filing, debt resolution matters, and serious personal injury cases, OlsenDaines offers real solutions for individuals and businesses. We help our clients obtain bankruptcy protection to end garnishments, stop foreclosures, get rid of creditor harassment, prevent utility shut off, avoid car repossessions, discharge taxes, pay off back child support, stop license suspension and return peace to their lives.

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