Person adding up student loan debt on calculator

Explaining the New Bankruptcy Discharge Process for Student Loan Borrowers

Over 42.8 million Americans have student loans, making it one of the most common forms of debt in the United States. While the amount of student loan debt has increased
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a roasted turkey on a plate with trimmings and gravy

OlsenDaines’ 5th Annual Turkey Giveaway!

As the holiday season kicks off, we at OlsenDaines want to keep up a tradition that aims to make things easier for families in need. Monday, November 21st is our
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White piggy bank with a graduation cap resting on top of a binder of paperwork

New Updates to Student Loan Forgiveness

Student debt can be overwhelming. If you have a high balance or have been making payments for years, then it may feel like your loans will never come to an
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A woman sitting a desk looks into the distance deep in thought

How Does Bankruptcy Impact My Credit Score?

No one sets out with the goal of one day declaring bankruptcy. Everyone wants to be financially stable and independent, but unexpected challenges can arise and result in large amounts
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Wooden blocks spelling out the word "debt"

Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche

Eliminating debt can feel like an overwhelming task – especially without the right plan in place. Thankfully, there are many different repayment strategies that you can choose in order to
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Bankruptcy attorney discussing a case with clients in office

How Much Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Charge?

If debt has become an insurmountable problem for you, then filing for bankruptcy may be the best way to get back on your feet. However, the idea of spending money
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