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Helping you navigate the unexpected.
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Helping you navigate the unexpected.
Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Attorney in Salem OR and Portland OR

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Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Attorney in Salem OR and Portland OR

With over 40 years of experience in bankruptcy filing, debt resolution matters, and serious personal injury cases, OlsenDaines offers real solutions for individuals and businesses. We help our clients obtain bankruptcy protection to end garnishments, stop foreclosures, get rid of creditor harassment, prevent utility shut off, avoid car repossessions, discharge taxes, pay off back child support, stop license suspension and return peace to their lives.

Serving Oregon & Washington Since 1978
Over 20,000 cases filed in the last 15 years

Are Student Loan Payments Bringing You Stress?

OlsenDaines has eliminated over $350,000 in student loan debt.

Stop worrying over student loan payments, today.

Affordable Legal Help

Our bankruptcy fees are reasonable and affordable. Once you retain our firm, you can refer your creditors over to us and creditors can no longer contact you. This retainer is essentially a down payment that is applied toward your fees. We understand that you are going through difficult financial times, so we strive to be up front and clear with our pricing. We disclose our costs and fees from the beginning, and we offer our clients various methods of payment plans.

Debt Relief When You Need It

If mounting debt and constant harassing collection calls have you feeling overwhelmed, our highly-experienced attorneys can examine your situation and help you find a solution that works. Our Oregon Bankruptcy Attorneys and Washington Bankruptcy Lawyers will fight for you in and out of bankruptcy court. We will give you candid, honest and caring advice regarding the options that are best for you and your family. Our team proudly represents the underdog in collections and debt relief cases.

Olsen Daines is trusted by Oregonians - We're the #1 filer of bankruptcy in the state!
One of the First to Offer FREE Consultations

Free Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Consultations

Nearly 40 years ago, our bankruptcy firm was one of the first law practices to offer free consultations to potential bankruptcy clients. It is our mission to educate, inform and empower people about their legal options for dealing with debt. We believe information goes a long way toward helping with the stress of filing bankruptcy.

  • Evening and Weekend Appointments available
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  • Free Legal Consultations
We have assisted our clients in personal injury matters ranging from $5,000 recoveries to $5,000,000 recoveries.

Personal Injury

After a traumatic accident resulting in personal injuries, we understand how difficult it can be to make sense of what has occurred and determine your best course of action. You often feel helpless and overwhelmed by the stress of being injured, out of work, and now the slow process of recovering from your injury.

When you’re hurt and your world is turned upside down, it is very difficult to get back on your feet, especially when you now have the added stress of managing your personal injury claim with the insurance company

Unfortunately, dealing directly with the insurance company is demanding and exhausting. It’s not designed to be a simple and easy process, but rather a complex and tedious process that requires skill, knowledge, patience, and persistence. The insurance company treats you differently if you’re unrepresented by an attorney and attempting to navigate the process on your own – they will attempt to minimize your claim and offer a low settlement to conclude your claim and escape paying a larger settlement. They do this by making the process difficult and overly complicated, requiring that you provide extensive documentation and records to prove your injury, and being stubborn and slow to respond. The fact is, they are hoping that you will simply go away.


Our bankruptcy attorneys have a combined 150 years experience practicing before the United States’ Bankruptcy Courts. We have filed tens of thousands of bankruptcy cases for consumers. We have the experience to see to it that whatever situations arise during your case, you are represented by an attorney with the tools to bring you the best result.

When you are unable to meet your obligations the burdens of debt can be destructive. Filing bankruptcy is a way to discharge your debt and get a fresh start. Nearly all of our clients find that they can keep their home, cars, retirement savings, and their other assets. Bankruptcy just allows them a fresh start and peace of mind.

Many people with debt problems find that the need to file bankruptcy is only part of their legal problems. Our representation of our bankruptcy clients is not limited to filing the bankruptcy. We routinely file lawsuits against creditors who harass our clients before, during or after a bankruptcy is filed. We work with our clients to ensure their credit reports are accurate after their bankruptcy is complete. Whatever problems you are having with a creditor before, during or after a bankruptcy can be handled by our firm. We offer free bankruptcy consultations and a complimentary credit rebuilding program.

Civil Rights

In the United States, you’re guaranteed certain basic rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. Civil rights for every individual means that they should not be discriminated against regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, religion, disability, veteran status, or age. When your rights have been violated, having the assistance of a skilled civil rights attorney is crucial. OlsenDaines is an Oregon civil rights law firm. We've recovered millions of dollars of compensation for people who have been subject to discrimination and harassment, including shopping while Black, sexual harassment, age discrimination, and police abuse.

It’s illegal to discriminate against someone in a particular class such as race or sex. If you've not been hired for a job because you're a woman, not allowed to rent a particular place because the landlord says they don't rent to people who share your race, or your child's public school doesn't invite you to school events because you're in a same-sex marriage, you have the right to seek protection under the law by filing a claim.

Civil rights claims are vastly different from other cases that are handled in civil court. We understand the emotional impact a violation of your rights can have in addition to the legal effects. Our civil rights lawyers support all individuals in their fight for justice.

Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Attorneys

Here to Help the Underdog

From your first free consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys to a credit rebuilding guide, OlsenDaines is with you every step of the bankruptcy process. Because our bankruptcy experience is tremendous, we are able to address your financial difficulties with the expertise and careful planning you are seeking.

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