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Individual Reviews

5 Stars

October 27, 2020 by Jim Denton on OlsenDaines


5 Stars

October 27, 2020 by frank kimbler on OlsenDaines

These people are are awesome. They have made a rather trying experience a breeze. We are still receiving help in rebuilding our life. They have connected us to 720 rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. These folks care and we are very proud they were and continue to assist us. I recommend Olsen Daines Frank n joni

5 Stars

October 22, 2020 by Brittin Castillo on OlsenDaines

Kevin is our lawyer and he has been absolutely amazing. Everyone there is very helpful and answers our questions in a timely matter. 10/10 would recommend.

5 Stars

September 27, 2020 by Brendon kinzel on OlsenDaines

I had the pleasure of working with Mathew Casper and his team in Medford. We felt right at home with them and they answered all of our questions regarding our bankruptcy. I would absolutely recommend this law office.

5 Stars

September 25, 2020 by Ricky Tucker on OlsenDaines

OlsenDaines from my experience are a every professional law firm. From the moment of first contact they made me feel comfortable with my situation . Very easy to work with and always available for questions. I highly recommend them if are experiencing financial difficulties .Thank you Lars !

5 Stars

September 20, 2020 by Kaley Brownell on OlsenDaines

Made you feel comfortable and made it pretty easy!

5 Stars

September 19, 2020 by Kitty Turner on OlsenDaines

I worked with them over a year to file my bankruptcy and they helped me every step of the way. Great people and very considerate and patient to work with me. Thank you for all your help.

5 Stars

September 5, 2020 by David Endom on OlsenDaines

Outstanding help. Walked me through the entire process. Everything went seamlessly. The key to success was leaving no stone unturned. Still getting great direction even after the legal part is done. Rebuilding my way to a better future. Could not have done this without them. Recommend them highly.

5 Stars

September 3, 2020 by Patrick Holbrook on OlsenDaines

I like how everyone one worked as a team to make sure my case was complete and filled quickly.

5 Stars

September 2, 2020 by Martine Baker on OlsenDaines

I worked with Matthew Casper at Olsen Dane in Medford. He was thorough and professional, and really went to bat for me. I received the best results possible. Upon completion of my bankruptcy, I received a complimentary course on raising my credit score, which has been very helpful. It’s been just 6 months, and it’s already at 680. I highly recommend Olsen Danes!

5 Stars

August 31, 2020 by Julie Diaz on OlsenDaines

Kevin was wonderful to work with, very helpful and patient with any questions we had and made sure we understood everything in our case.

5 Stars

August 29, 2020 by Glenn Bathke on OlsenDaines

We had an amazing experience with the entire staff. They answered my questions without making me feel any worse about the need for their services. Lars was excellent and informative and the next day I had a question and Lars was not available and Kecin was able to put my mind ar ease immediately. Highly recommended service.

5 Stars

August 27, 2020 by Camie Lumbert on OlsenDaines

I was very very impressed with how nice all the office staff was and how quick and very helpful they all are. They really know what they are doing and they really try to get the best for you. I am very happy with the services I received and would use them again and again if I had to. Thank you so so much

5 Stars

August 26, 2020 by Charlie H on OlsenDaines

Kevin Swartz was an absolute gem, in his professional approach and advice. It was obvious that he enjoys what he does - with his light-hearted approach to a serious topic. There exists a non-profit started by a retired member of the this firm that Kevin made me aware of, which is a perfect fit for a retired and low-income individual such as myself! He helped me immensely in steering me in the right direction ... Thank you, thank you! Regards, Charles H. Grants Pass, OR

5 Stars

August 22, 2020 by brandy cassity on OlsenDaines

OlsenDaines was very professional and made sure I was comfortble through the whole legal process and every appointment. All my questions were answered and they made sure I understood everything every step of the way. The process was quick. Had I known it'd be so easy I would have filed bankruptcy long ago, however I really believe OlsenDaines deserves all the credit for my experience and would recommend them to anyone, don't wait like I did!

5 Stars

August 21, 2020 by Sabra Bendaw on OlsenDaines

Great company to work with. Very easy, professional and knowledgeable.

5 Stars

August 20, 2020 by Erik Johnson on OlsenDaines

Matthew went above and beyond for my wife and I.

5 Stars

August 18, 2020 by Justin C on OlsenDaines

Going into bankruptcy is very degrading. Lars and staff were compassionate, reassuring and always made me feel like a priority. Letting me know it happens to good people and they’ll do every thing in their power to make the best of the situation. Thank You

5 Stars

August 17, 2020 by Collin Quade on OlsenDaines

I had a question about a past case and Rex responded immediately, contacting a 3rd party on my behalf and resolving the issue within 24 hours of first speaking with me. I can't stress how much of a relief it was for this to be handled with such ease, I would recommend him to absolutely everyone I know.

5 Stars

August 17, 2020 by Amber Oakley-Soper on OlsenDaines

The Staff takes the time to answer any and all questions you may have. My entire experience with Olsen Daines was excellent and I would and have recommended them to anyone who is looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney
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