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Steve M. Avatar
Steve M.
5/18/2023 - Google
I am 82 years of age and had never had financial problems until very recently. There were medical, housing and transportation problems that surfaced s... read more
Nina F. Avatar
Nina F.
5/17/2023 - Google
Working with Matt was a breeze! He made everything seem simple and seamless even during the stressful times. I would recommend Matt to everyone, he he... read more
Lucas C. Avatar
Lucas C.
5/17/2023 - Google
Katrina D. Avatar
Katrina D.
5/16/2023 - Google
Matthew Casper is the neighborhood friendly attorney. I'm a struggling single mom just getting by and accidentally through life circumstances acquired... read more
Alan D. Avatar
Alan D.
5/16/2023 - Google
Attorney Matthew Casper had a full team of people ready to answer my questions and provide me help and support at every step. From my first meeting wi... read more
Melanie G. Avatar
Melanie G.
5/13/2023 - Google
Matt Casper is the best attorney. He's very attentive and quick at responding back. Very friendly and fast service. He's great eye candy also. 😉 I hig... read more
dennis g. Avatar
dennis g.
5/13/2023 - Google
Lars was a caring and supportive person who helped me thru this difficult process
John K. Avatar
John K.
5/13/2023 - Google
Great job by all at Olsen Daines. The communication is great and the whole process has gone smoothly. Highly recommend their services.
James R. Avatar
James R.
5/13/2023 - Google
꧁L33 “. Avatar
꧁L33 “.
5/13/2023 - Google
Went there by accident but they was helpful n polite and went above and beyond what they needed and helped me get to where I needed to be n even calle... read more
Susan B. Avatar
Susan B.
5/06/2023 - Google
All the people at OlsenDaines were fantastic. They made me feel very comfortable in a trying time. Answered all my questions quickly and very very pol... read more
Kevin S. Avatar
Kevin S.
5/06/2023 - Google
During my search for any attorney to answer questions about filing bankruptcy, I called many law firms. When I called OlsenDaines, I had many question... read more
anthony h. Avatar
anthony h.
5/06/2023 - Google
I suggest going through OlsenDaines. They are very polite and effective and handle any situation that may come up during your bankruptcy on a timely m... read more
Joshua M. Avatar
Joshua M.
5/06/2023 - Google
I want to give a special shout out to Matthew Casper and the team for helping me with my bankruptcy. Amazing business with Amazing people
Moses G. Avatar
Moses G.
5/06/2023 - Google
Matt Casper and his team, has done an amazing job with my case, very patient and knowledgeable through the whole process. I HIGHLY recommended this am... read more
Clara G. Avatar
Clara G.
5/06/2023 - Google
I called OlsenDaines when I made the decision to file bankruptcy. It wasn't an easy decision, but the staff and lawyers I spoke with were very helpful... read more
Matthew S. Avatar
Matthew S.
5/06/2023 - Google
He was very informed and help me understand what was happening all the way until the end
Krystal P. Avatar
Krystal P.
5/06/2023 - Google
I came to Mr. Casper so far in over my head financially and our lives were about to come crashing down. Matt stepped in and walked me out of the fire.... read more
Tracie M. Avatar
Tracie M.
4/22/2023 - Google
I was in the most difficult time in my life. Recently divorced and left with a mountain of debt. Took me a few months to come up with the fees for m... read more
Carolyn B. Avatar
Carolyn B.
4/20/2023 - Google
Definitely a great team of people here. Always there to help me. They really got me out of a bad place. Would recommend to all. It’s been a no stress ... read more
Harry B. Avatar
Harry B.
4/20/2023 - Google
This has helped me immensely.
Valerie B. Avatar
Valerie B.
4/20/2023 - Google
I had a prior Chpt 13 Bankruptcy case that was discharged in 2019. Lo and behold in the process of selling my home this week, I noticed a collection ... read more
Molly K. Avatar
Molly K.
4/20/2023 - Google
Good experience with the staff. I would recommend them.
Julie A. Avatar
Julie A.
4/20/2023 - Google
Lars Olsen took the time to advise us honestly and even offer better solutions than a bankruptcy with resource contact information. Best free consult!... read more
mike “. Avatar
mike “.
4/20/2023 - Google
Greyson S. Avatar
Greyson S.
4/20/2023 - Google
Helped me through every step of the way!
Elizabeth O. Avatar
Elizabeth O.
4/15/2023 - Google
Bankruptcy seems like a big scary thing but working with Matthew Casper from Olsen Daines he made the big scary thing seem like a small hiccup in l... read more
M S. Avatar
M S.
3/21/2023 - Google
If bankruptcy could ever be a pleasant situation in your life, it would only be because Matt and staff made it pleasant and easy . They handled every... read more
James O. Avatar
James O.
3/21/2023 - Google
I worked with Matthew Lind! He was very attentive, kind and supportive through the entire process. His entire team helped with any paperwork problems ... read more
Jerry G. Avatar
Jerry G.
3/21/2023 - Google
Definitely a very very professional Bankrupcy attorney. Matt Casper and his team were very good with communication through the whole process and very ... read more
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