Qualifying for a Home Loan During or After Bankruptcy

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The primary reason people are hesitant to file for bankruptcy is because they believe the bankruptcy will make it impossible to qualify for a home loan for up to 10 years. Eliminating the ability to purchase a home is a legitimate concern, but the rules for qualifying for a home loan are much better than most people realize.

When a mortgage company receives a mortgage application, that information goes through a process called Underwriting. Underwriting is not the same for all mortgage companies, but most lenders follow most of the underwriting guidelines from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which are government-sponsored lenders.

Underwriting is essentially a check-off sheet – the lender will give a person a mortgage if all of the boxes on the sheet can be checked off. Therefore, in order for a person who has filed bankruptcy to qualify for a regular mortgage, he or she needs to have the bankruptcy line item checked off.

Currently, the check-off box for Chapter 7 is two years. That means that if a person applies for a mortgage two years after filing for Chapter 7 and meets the other underwriting requirements; he or she will be approved for a mortgage. Two years is a pretty short amount of time. Usually, the mistake most people make is waiting too long to get Chapter 7 filed. The two years does not start until the case is filed.

Chapter 13 is different. Chapter 13 is a reorganization bankruptcy that stays open for up to 5 years while a person repays some of the debts. I have recently had several clients obtain a mortgage after being in the case for only 1 year. In order to obtain the mortgage, they had to show the Chapter 13 payment history to prove that all Chapter 13 payments were made on time each month. If you file a Chapter 13 and want to qualify for a mortgage, it is essential you make all of the Chapter 13 payments on time.

Can You Qualify for a Home Loan After Bankruptcy?

Underwriting requirements can change at any time, but the bottom line is that people who have debt problems can usually qualify for a mortgage quicker after filing either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 than they would had they not filed any type of bankruptcy.

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Qualifying for a Home Loan During or After Bankruptcy in Portland OR and Salem OR

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