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Civil Rights Attorney-OlsenDaines, serving Oregon and Washington.

In the United States, you’re guaranteed certain basic rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. Civil rights for every individual means that they should not be discriminated against regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, religion, disability, veteran status, or age.

When your rights have been violated, having the assistance of a skilled civil rights attorney is crucial.

OlsenDaines is an Oregon civil rights law firm. We’ve recovered millions of dollars of compensation for people who have been subject to discrimination and harassment, including:

  • Shopping While Black
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Age Discrimination
  • Police Abuse

What are the main civil rights?

  • The right to freedom of speech
  • The right to vote
  • The right to a fair trial
  • The right to government services
  • The right to a public education
  • The right to a public or jury trial when accused of a crime
  • The right to use public facilities
  • Freedom to remain silent in a police interrogation
  • Freedom against unwarranted searches of your home or property
  • The right to equal rights and the prevention of discrimination due to age, religion, sex, gender, nationality, etc.

Examples of Civil Rights Violations

It’s illegal to discriminate against someone in a particular class such as race or sex. Here are some examples of situations when your civil rights protect you.

  • You’re not hired for a job because you’re a woman
  • A landlord says she doesn’t rent to tenants who share your race
  • Your child’s public school doesn’t invite you to school events because you’re in a same-sex marriage

If you’ve experienced any of these situations, you have the right to seek protection under the law by filing a claim. A violation of your rights is deeply personal. The civil rights attorneys at OlsenDaines are committed to seeing justice served for all of their Oregon clients.

Consumer Discrimination

The law requires all businesses to treat customers and employees equally, regardless of race, religion, sex, or age. OlsenDaines represents people who have been discriminated against while shopping, or in the workplace.

Civil Rights Attorney in Oregon

Civil rights claims are vastly different from other cases that are handled in civil court. If you believe your rights were violated, contact OlsenDaines at 503-222-2000 to discuss your dispute. We understand the emotional impact a violation of your rights can have in addition to the legal effects. Our civil rights lawyers support all individuals in their fight for justice.